Trove is a leading e-commerce marketplace for new and pre-loved fashion, as Africa’s first and currently only fashion-focused e-marketplace we allow users to buy, sell and donate pre-loved fashion and accessories in this way we are creating a community of sustainable shoppers and reducing textile waste 1 garment at a time.

Think of us as a one-stop online shopping site for all your new and pre-loved clothing items from vintage to branded items, from school uniform to fashion accessories we have made it easy for South Africans to find their treasures.



Our vision is to create a community of sustainable shoppers”

Community at Trove is not represented by a body of common interests as the meaning suggests but rather a body that not only celebrates individuality but diversity, diversity in fashion, culture and environmental sustainability.


“Creating a world where participants have equal accessibility to the circular economy independent of background nor location”


Our purpose at Trove is not to solve the issue of textile waste our purpose is to expand access to the circular economy where participants have equal accessibility to the circular economy by breaking down barriers inhibiting this access which is mainly backgrounds and geographic location. Therefore, by fulfilling this purpose, our efforts to reduce textile waste follow in a linear nature.


Delivering fun, sustainable and affordable shopping experiences”

We, as Trove, have made it our mission to provide users with a shopping experience that is convenient for them and by doing, we are making the purchasing of second-hand clothing more accessible and attractive to South Africans.