1. Sell Instantly: Snap a picture of the treasures you want to sell, add a description, add categories, set your price and voila! Just wait for cha-ching to start rolling in
  1. Buy Safely with the Trove Lock of Protection: We understand that shopping on a marketplace can be risky therefore you can shop with ease and the knowledge that all orders purchased through Trove are protected with the Trove Lock of Protection
  1. Geo-Location: Delivery fees not your cup of tea well on Trove you can list and buy items in your own city and town, and just set up your own delivery arrangement with the seller
  1. Your Closet Your Rules: We understand it can be difficult to stand out in a marketplace with endless clothes and users, however we aim to give you the tools to stand out, how about bundling items? Or even free delivery for items over R500 or have you tried rewarding return buyers with a 5% return discount?
  1. Complete Fashion-Focused Marketplace: When we say fashion-focused we mean it, you can explore an endless trove of styles, brands and unique accessories without the worry of every bumping into a fridge or lamp. All items on Trove pass through a quick review process
  1. Environmental: Trove is a partner of the United Nations Development Programme, as a company devoted to making the planet greener it is imperative to us to engage with organizations and individuals with similar objectives and mandates
  1. Discover the Trove Community: Connect with other fashionistas by following other closets on our platform, connecting with others through our social media platforms and participate in our online events or social media competitions.