Once you have opened up an account on Trove the next step is to customize your online closet, you
can do this by going into your dashboard and clicking on Settings once you are there you will have
the option to add a banner, profile picture, bio, and much more.

In your seller dashboard, you can access the tab “Product” and once you are in the tab you click on the button called “Add new Product” and it will open up a window in which you can add pictures, categories, and descriptions to your item.

Purchasing or selling an item listed on Trove using any means other than Trove checkout is considered an offline transaction and is prohibited. If a buyer requests such, send us an email at
[email protected] with their account name.

  • Once an item is bought from your shop, you will receive a notification.
  • You will then need to access your seller dashboard and access your orders.
  • The platform will provide you with the name of the seller, their shipping address, and their
    preferred delivery method.
  • It is then your responsibility to pack the item (we recommend personalizing with a note or
    creative shipping material to encourage return buyers).
  • You will ship the item under the relevant delivery method (Aramex or Paxi) although initially,
  • You will pay for the item, Trove will refund you the delivery fee upon payout. Once shipped confirm this on the platform by entering the tracking number, When the buyer receives the item they will let us know and you will receive your payout upon a weekly payout schedule which takes place on a Friday

Trove makes use of external logistics partners to deliver your item from the seller, currently our
options include:

  •  Paxi: R60 (5 to 10 working conditions)
  • Aramex: R99 (Up to 72 hours)
  • Own Arrangement: You and the seller can arrange your own delivery method if you are shopping for items within the same city, we recommend meeting at a public place and make sure you have confirmed with the seller before picking this option.

Our fees are very simple and straightforward. For all sales under R100, you keep 85% of your sale.

You keep the rest. For sales of R100 or more, Trove takes a flat commission of %15 and R20 fixed rate.

Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours.

When you register on the platform you provide us with your banking details, we then use these banking details to transfer your earnings from a sale directly to your bank account. We facilitate
payments on a weekly basis which is on a Saturday when all Sales from Monday to Friday have been captured therefore depending on your Banking Institution payment can be received on Monday or Tuesday.

Trove will continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation that is Covid-19, and we implore you to do the same, you can access information about COVID-19 at
At Trove we are following strict social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of all parties
involved. Therefore, when you arrange to meet with a seller, we advise you to:

  • Always have your mask on
  • Carry a sanitizer with you
  • Keep communication to a minimum
  • Never touch the contents inside the package/bag until you have quarantined the package for at least 24 hours
  • Once you have confirmed that the quality meets your standards, first wash the item befor you wear it